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No independent African State today by itself has a chance to follow an INDEPENDENT course of economic development, and many of us who have tried to do this have been almost ruined or have had to return to the fold of the former colonial rulers. This position will not change unless we have unified POLICY working at the CONTINENTAL LEVEL. The first step towards our cohesive economy would be a unified monetary zone, with, initially, an agreed common parity for our currencies...When we find that the arrangement of a fixed common parity is working successfully, there would seem to be NO reason for not instituting one common currency and a single bank of issue."

"While we are assuring our stability by a COMMON DEFENCE system, and our economy is being orientated beyond foreign control by a COMMON CURRENCY, MONETARY ZONE and CENTRAL BANK OF ISSUE, we can investigate the resources of our continent. We can begin to ascertain whether in reality we are the richest, and not, as we have been TAUGHT to BELIEVE, the poorest among the continents. We can determine whether we possess the largest potential in hydroelectric power, and whether we can harness it and other sources of energy to our OWN INDUSTRIES. We can proceed to PLAN our industrialization on a CONTINENTAL SCALE, and to build up a COMMON MARKET for Africa's population."

"Common Continental Planning for the Industrial and Agricultural Development of Africa is a vital necessity."

"So many blessings flow from our unity, so many disasters must follow our continued disunity, that our failure today will not be attributed by posterity only to faulty reasoning and lack of courage, but to our CAPITULATION before the forces of neocolonialism and imperialism." "The hour of history which has brought us to this point is a revolutionary hour.
This is the time for a new line of thought, who said Africans cannot explorer neuclear energy, who said Africa cannot dominate the world economy, who said Africa cannot launch sateliies?

  • Jan 30 2012: >This is the time for a new line of thought, who said Africans cannot explorer neuclear energy, who said Africa cannot dominate the world economy, who said Africa cannot launch sateliies?

    There's nothing new about that line of thought, it's called ambition. It also, in your case, has zero ground in reality.

    And nobody has said Africa is incapable of doing those things. You've been proving that you are. Endless civil wars, systemic corruption, incapable governments and the lack of basic precaution against the most common diseases also help with this perception.

    Even the current states of Africa are fragmenting between ethnic and religious groups (Sudan, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria), and you want to "unite" them further?

    The people should be allowed to define how far they want to be united themselves. It's like the Balkans - you can either unite the people by force, with oppression and dictatorship, or let them live apart freely. Unfortunately, Africa has pretty much zero chance of reaching parity with the rest of the world divided like this, so there you have it.
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      Jan 31 2012: I must concur with Mr. Herbert in his estimation that this would be a tall order. I highly commend the sentiment, and I think it would be a great idea, but how do you propose to address the serious ethnic problems within the continent, which seemingly tend to explode into bloodshed with the slightest provocation?
      • Jan 31 2012: Hi Verbie, ( respect to ya ) , there are cultures in this country. There are problems. This country has, some of the oldest and purest cultures in history. This country has the resources, to pull them selves out of poverty. The government, will not allow them to do this. The government, the militia, is being paid to wipe out their culture. The only humans, that will suffer, is the cultured humans. ( does that make sense? ) Oh, when did Africa, turn into an ethic problem? :)
  • Jan 31 2012: Hi Brian, I didn't say it! Go for it! :)