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marijuana legalization and education

Someone should go out on stage and talk just about facts!
If you smoke cigarettes this will happend, if you drink alcohol this will happend and if you consume marijuana in any way this will happend to you!

  • Feb 1 2012: for me marijuana should be legalized,but it has to have limitations on how much we can have or purchase.Because it will be abused by the addicts,instead of having or giving good benefits.It could also help to fight/prevent cancer,by lets say,stealing away the spotlight from cigarettes,cause we all know that cigarettes are deadlier than marijuana.
    • Feb 2 2012: What addicts? Marijuana is non toxic and good four you in so many ways! I Consuming Cigarettes and alcohol for 15 years. Marijuana is not a problem!!!!!!
      I will abused Marijuana and you abused cake or coke or ice-cram choose something that low allows you and you loved. Marijuana will not cause me any problems 100%.
      Can you say that for your drug of choice? Take look at super high me or the union!
      prohibition = gateway
      • Feb 3 2012: we have to accept the fact that some people(not all) are addicted to marijuana.I did not say that marijuana kills,i said it could be ABUSED by the ADDICTS.
        I also included that it really could help fight cancer caused by cigarettes.
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    Jan 30 2012: I kind of agree with your idea, only issue is that there is rarely a 'this will happen' and more of a case of 'this MAY happen'.
    Drugs effect people in different ways and differing amounts create even more variation.

    It would be good though for someone with experience of all of the above to give their conclusions on how it effected them personally/differently.
    Atleast for some much needed public perspective.
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    Jan 30 2012: we have a problem here. marijuana has almost no negative effects. you can't scare people away from it with facts.
    • Feb 2 2012: I don't won a scar them, i won to educated them. So that they realized that marijuana is good for everything not just to get high.
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    Jan 30 2012: Plenty of people have argued its not a problem for drivers..go figure though..I dont think it could be policed properly. The inconsistencies in the strength of different types it make it near impossible.