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What role does architectural design play in improving educational outcomes? Can a building design improve student creativity?

Some would argue that great teachers can get great results teaching in a tent. Others might argue that poor environmental conditions of a building can harm health, growth, productivity and learning. Do school buildings make a difference?


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  • Feb 29 2012: I am very interested in this topic, so much so that it is my topic for maters thesis at UW-Milwaukee. I have been researching and researching, racking my brain on how to create a educational environment that will foster interests and draw students in, as opposed to pulling them in. Its been very difficult because how do you design a building when the system its designed for is fatally flawed? If the teachers and the curriculum are horrible, it doesn't matter how amazing the building is that school will fail. So we need to design schools to be positive teaching tools, spaces that react and change with the lesson and the students learning styles.

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