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Bring back "Recently Commented"!

Ted Conversations is dying by not having it.
It provides natural bumping of topics that would otherwise go unnoticed.
It provides a real "most active" section.
It makes it worthwhile to actually answer or expand upon small threads that maybe didn't have the most clear-cut first explaination.

I could probably make something else up as well, but I had a hard time writing the third reason without making it sound to much like the first.

Anyways, not it works like this:
New conversations comes up regularly, they fall slowly to the end of the "Recently Added" section with maybe 1 to 3 responses. Then they fall into the void and die. Unless they're closed. Then they may end up in the "Ended" or "Most Active" section.
Some get featured, they end up somewhere around "Featured", "Most Active" and "Closed".

14/20 "Most active" threads are closed, 3 of the open ones are already in the "Featured" section. I just have to question the activity of a thread that's closed.

Also, it's not like it's hard to implement it. Join comments over conversations by comments post-date and list the first 20 topics.
And it's not like there's not enough room in the bar where the link would be.

So, ... odds dictate that this conversation will soon be in the void and die.

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    Feb 4 2012: The page is actually still there:

    They took the button away -- but since it was all I ever used really, it was the default when I started typing "ted" in the address bar. Wasn't until I borrowed someone else' computer that I noticed it gone.
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    Feb 4 2012: I find that the "most active" section isn't actually the most active. Sometimes I go there and there is a conversation with 1 comment, and a lot of conversations that are closed. And the lists aren't very long, I know there are active conversations that are not there. It seems to be more of a curated section than a generally active section.

    "recently commented" seemed to work better as a "most active" section
  • Jan 30 2012: I agree. It was always the first thing I clicked.
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    Jan 30 2012: Does "most active" tab replace this feature for you, or would you prefer both? Does the term "most active" make sense to you as a user?
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      Jan 31 2012: i, personally, would perfer both. most active DOES make sense, but the "Recently Commented" comments are not always the same as the "most active" comments, and i liked the ability to move down the recently commented list to keep conversations going that were more likely to end in a few or so days due to there topic.
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    Jan 30 2012: seconded.
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    Jan 30 2012: I have noticed the same thing Pontus.

    I hope your idea is heard.

    Be Well