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What is the opposite of Hate?

We tend to mistake the difference between dislike and hate as such commit hate crime on the base of dislike. But if only we could think of the closeness between love and hate, we could see the potential of loving relationships with those we supposedly hate. So what is the opposite of hate/


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    Jan 29 2012: I think Linda's definition has merit;

    Imagine a line like this.


    The dotted line represents a contnuum of the same thing... an extreme and deep emotional feeling. Love is the end in which all things associated with being pleasant exist, Hate lies at the opposite end, where all thing unpleasant exist.Love is the opposite of Hate..so simply, the opposite of Hate, is Love.

    But what is the opposite of the emotion of hate? The 'real' opposite would involve that which has the opposition or absence of deep emotion. It would probably be indifference....and Apathy describes the state of indifference.

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