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What is the opposite of Hate?

We tend to mistake the difference between dislike and hate as such commit hate crime on the base of dislike. But if only we could think of the closeness between love and hate, we could see the potential of loving relationships with those we supposedly hate. So what is the opposite of hate/

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    Jan 30 2012: Love
  • Jan 30 2012: I think too many subscribe to the faith in opposite values.

    We assume that because our brain categorizes phenomena within this value structure that it corresponds directly to reality. In truth, hate is an emotion all it's own. It has no natural 'opposite' (but can have several perceived opposites, as this thread illustrates) because the basis upon which you categorize the emotions is not predetermined.

    Emotion is best understood as a dynamic, and our focus should be on the developments of each dynamic, not the comparison and categorization of a snapshot of any particular emotional experience.

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    Jan 30 2012: - HELP - as a verb.
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    Jan 31 2012: The opposite of hate is the same as the opposite of love. It's in lessening or defusing it and that would be indifference. Both of these emotional feelings are charged by definition. Indifference is uninterested, or unaffected.

    Hatred can be justified, especially when it is imposed. Victims of crime come to mind and sadly such victims are often further savaged by this natural reaction, which sometimes leads to depression and other problems. Perhaps that's why I don't believe anyone can be, or should be, or offered the excuse to believe they can be, divinely redeemed regardless of their sin.
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    Jan 30 2012: The opposite of hatred for an individual is compassion. The opposite of hatred for a group (ethnic, political , religious, social, economic, etc.) is understanding. The opposite of hatred for a philosophy is tolerance. Good question Mr. Abani, thank you.
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    Jan 30 2012: There is a theory, which I embrace, that we are either coming from a place of love, or fear at any given time.
    Love, is appreciation, gratitude, joy, happiness, contentment, respect, compassion, empathy, etc.
    Fear is hate, disrespect, discontent, unhappiness, abuse, violence, lack of gratitude, compassion, or empathy, etc.
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    Jan 29 2012: I think Linda's definition has merit;

    Imagine a line like this.


    The dotted line represents a contnuum of the same thing... an extreme and deep emotional feeling. Love is the end in which all things associated with being pleasant exist, Hate lies at the opposite end, where all thing unpleasant exist.Love is the opposite of simply, the opposite of Hate, is Love.

    But what is the opposite of the emotion of hate? The 'real' opposite would involve that which has the opposition or absence of deep emotion. It would probably be indifference....and Apathy describes the state of indifference.
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    Jan 29 2012: Well, to me immediately occurred the scale (the influence of the other topic here):
    Hate---dislike---I---like---love/'liking' a lot.
    Maybe the scale is wrong, maybe it's apathy/indifference. But to many people, I feel, the opposite of hate seems to be strong liking or love, of course.
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    Jan 29 2012: Indifference/ nothingness.

    My logic behind that is: Hate is an emotion, therefore a lack of emotion is the opposite.
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    Jan 29 2012: Apathy