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Can you have the freedom to create, without the freedom to think ?

Im emphasizing on China and the religious people ( especially muslims ). It is unacceptable to not have the basic right of every human being in the planet - that is the freedom to think of your own and make the decisions you wish to make. China might have deep cultural traditions and so on, but that does not excuse the fact that people are not allowed to think for them selves. And religious people, especially muslims, need a huge doze of education. It is simple unacceptable to live in the 21 century, and still worship some imaginary ''god'' that doesn't allow you to learn.. This is a disgrace to all the human beings. Such people do not differ from the primitive people that emerged from the caves in Africa few million years ago... We must take some action against this ignorant madness. Don't you agree ?

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    Jan 29 2012: Sure there is a profession where the creative process thrives completely unaccompanied by thinking. It is called ______________ (fill-in the blank).
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      Jan 30 2012: Politics.
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        Jan 30 2012: BINGO! The list begins with some low-hanging fruit. Thanks Xavier. QUOTE: "The world of politics is always twenty years behind the world of thought." (John J. Chapman).