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Which is more important in modeling the brain: hardware or software?

Obviously both are essential, but the talks by Jeff Hawkins and Kwavena Boahen show two perspectives on creating intelligent computers. Hawkins is trying to develop the software to do it on current computers. Boahen is trying to design a computer with the architecture of the brain. Which seems more promising?


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  • Jan 31 2012: yes the appropriate hardware can go a long way. but if we are modeling the brain based on the idea that all of consciousness and cognition are reducible to states in a computer then it should be possible to represent it with any sort of hardware. granted the hardware will determine how difficult it is and how powerful it needs to be. hardware that resembles the brain will have to store less information because a lot of the info is stored in the architecture itself. but seeing as no one has a good way to develop proper architecture that is truly based on the brain at this point, i think that we need to pursue both directions.

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