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Can corporations really interfere with the health or our world communites? If so how and what should we do about it?

If corporations' bottom line is profits for it's share holders, is there a moral obligation on their part that those profits are not at the expense of any community or it's own employees? Take for example the biggest oil corporations that have destroyed thousands of acres of fetile forests and have caused damage to our oceans again and again at the expense of many communities for decades. All the while making record profits for it's share holders. And there are many other corporations that do and keep doing similar damage at the many communities detriment. Does any entity have the power to challenge such violations on the part of such negligent corporations? If not, why not? This is of course my personal observation and I am no expert but I am simply posing these questions for the sake of the benefit of the only planet we have. If the UN is not looking out for the planet's and it's inhabitants interes' then who should the world community turn to for help? I don't even hear any plea from our world religious leaders on these critical matter, do you? If I'm wrong to assume any or all of this, can you at least guide me and show me where I might be off mark? Thank you.


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  • Feb 10 2012: there is no moral obligation as far as they are not following any moral obligation that i can see. the bottom line is profit... in general... the bottom line for many people as individuals is also profit..it is something within us all...for instance youa re using a computer i perume or i phone to type these wrods the factory that made the computer was likely in sen xin the chinese factory city where most electrical goods come from and where people are working 35 hour shifts getting carpel tunnels syndrome etc etc etc the list goes on... so have you no moral obligation to boycott all products that cause damage to epople and the environment?...it is only a little thing but all the littel things add up to a big corporation..we want cheap laptops the way to get them is to produce them in a country that doesnt care whether its people or environmnet suffer we want cheap feul so unless you have never used petrol how can you accuse big corporations of self interest... if you cant change yourself who can you change ? if you wish to profit above the suffering of anyon eevn in a small way then a corporation is just the sum total of allwe can hope is thpeople doing so in small ways ...but obviously if we coudlnt type on our computers we couldnt have this converstation and share what we have...if they werent burning and destroying the wetlands of my country home to man yspecies i could not have electricity to power this exchange. i am not willing to give up this profit i am making for the people whoar esuffering ro for the land or for the birds and neither is anyone else...but the best we can do is to demand better and better fo our corporations untill such time as these things even out and we can use the energy we have no which is exploitative to create better energy supplies.. really it is hard work and self sacrifice to give up something you like which is produced unethically inthe hope that someone will produce it ethically instead.but alternatives are being born support em!
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      Feb 15 2012: Lots of truths in your well thoughtout response and I appreciate it, thank you. And yes, I we are all resposible for the daily choices we make, some are supporting those same corporations that are damaging our envrionment and our world communities directly and indirectly. And I posed the question as a way to bring awareness of the problem and to start a dialog on what each one of us can do to start demanding better and better from our corporations like you've stated. And supporting the few corporations that at are trying to do the right thing. Again thak you for your reality check on what's going on and what each one of us can do to help with the cause.

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