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Does the cost of a college education outweigh it's benefits?

Now a days the tuition for a college education has gone up and has put many students, leaving college, in debt. all of the talk concerning college tuitions have in some way frightened me and have made me question if it is really worth spending so much on college.

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  • Jan 31 2012: Whether the cost of your college/university education outweighs the benefits depends on alot of things.

    First how determined you are to finish your degree, are you going to take four or five classes every semester to finish ahead of your peers? Are you willing to sacrifice every moment to live, breathe, and eat education?

    I have plenty fo friends who go to university and take two or three classes a semester, and some of them unrelated to their chosen degree. To me this is a huge waste of money, but to them it's part of the experience. You need to decide what this degree means to you, experience or education?

    Another thing that you would need to look at is the degree itself. I have a friend who graduated with a BA in History and minor in French and polisci, and she's working as a stewardess. Her degree is useless to her in a professional sense.

    Planning out your education takes alot of thought, you need to look at what you're good at and love to do versus what can be financially viable for you, and what can be used in a real world sense. For many people a university degree is a must have to get a job anywhere, and there are still plenty of people who have great careers and no college education. Whether your education is worth the cost depends entirely on the outcomes you want, and how you persue it.

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