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Computer Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering?

What's the job market prospects for Computer Engineers vs. Electrical engineers? What's the demand for engineers in each respective field? Do you think that in the near future (within the decade) the skills of Computer Engineers will be in very high demand as computers become more integrated in many aspects of life and technology outside of the desktop?

  • Jan 31 2012: Hi Peter,

    My perception is that EE is a more highly regarded profession, with better professional organizations and certifications. Compare the Professional Engineer certification with any of the computer oriented certifications. Also, I do not see a computer oriented organization that I would cmpare to IEEE.

    It's unfortunate, but I think that many people equate Computer Engineer with the types of programming (i.e. "HTML for Idiots") that covers the shelves in the bookstores. I think that we'ed agree that there's a lot more to it than that, but perception is reality in the employment market.

    Best wishes,
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    Jan 31 2012: Hi Douglas, thanks for your comment. Any reasons for your choice?
  • Jan 30 2012: Hi Peter,

    My money would be in Electrical Engineering.

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    Doug Bell