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Is reality merely a byproduct/offspring/construct of the, lucid, conscious mind?

I have been made aware of some ideas and theories from informal sources about things that have shaped my ideology and perception. These ideas include mandelbrot fractals, reality resulting from consciousness (observer effect), observer problem in quantum mechanics (measurement problem), quantum superposition (microtubule computers),revealing god to a conscious observer(god helmet), and a few other unmentioned thought provocative ones. I share similar views concerning consciousness and ubiquity constantly interacting with our perception of reality. Is this able to be proven or disproven through conventional methods.

Footnotes of informal sources below:

"Mandelbrot Fractals"

"Microtubule Computers"

"God Helmet"

"Quantum Measurement Problem"

"The Observer Effect"

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    Jan 31 2012: "reality is when you stop believing in it, its still there"- Philip K. Dick

    whats real and what we percieve as real, are what they are.
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    Feb 23 2012: Has anyone asked a blind person from birth to visualise a sunset? without your five senses there is no reality.Nil input zero reality.
  • Jan 31 2012: You would enjoy the Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference biennial Tucson conference, Apr 9-14, 2012 www.consciousness.arizona.edu - program updates in progress.
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    Jan 30 2012: Reality is our creation. It's not a byproduct but a construct that relates our relation to the field of existance, seen from the one point in space and history that you occupy on any moment. Reality is information we derived from natural experiences during the span of evolution to sustain our species. Reality only is real to us as individuals, and most of it we share with members of our species as we share less with other mammal species etc.
  • Jan 29 2012: No... reality is the common substrate from which our individual perspectives are derived.

    Otherwise, how else would we be able to share so many points of commonality at so many levels? How can there be such great congruency in the way we think about and percieve the world around us, without there been a 'middle ground' so to speak of the way we percieve the world?

    If you suppose that the reality that you witness before you, including this post that I've just made is simply a figment of a vast unconcious part of you - going down the road of solipsism... where only the knowledge that you 'are' is verifiable...

    But how useful a philosophy or path of thinking is that? Not very as far as I can tell.
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    Jan 29 2012: Yes.