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Should people migrate from small towns to bigger cities for opportunities or create and develop their own franchisee in their towns ??

Most of the students or workers , in search of bettter opportunties migrate from smaller towns , they live in , to bigger cities for earning more.
If they stop migrating to bigger cities , the populaiton would be evenly spread across the cities / towns in that country and hence there could be more chances of faster economic growth of that nation.
Right education , innovation of products in all sectors and penetration of internet usage will be boosters for growth in economy and per capita income.

Retail business in india is one of the best examples which has been sucessful because of their presence in small towns - where majority of the population is present.

Please share about the story of smaller towns in your country.

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    Jan 29 2012: In Lithuania, the direction is towards big in our scale cities. After finishing secondary schools, the majority of towns' students enter universities in cities and the majority do not come back to their towns after graduation.
    When I heard my classmate saying she would like to come back one day to our town, I had my jaw dropped. I can't imagine myself living in a town of 10'000 residents the whole life. This idea frightens me. But, there probably are some people who would love to come back, it's difficult for them to say bye for all to familiar place, familiar paths, views, people. But poor employment possibilities pull them back.
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      Jan 30 2012: Yeah, Growth may be restricted when towns are not very inhabited.
      You are also right, “poor employment possibilities “pull some folks back to their towns.

      Growth mill magnify when more people consume and produce. In a stagnant place, economy is also stagnated.

      Thanks for your comments
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    Jan 30 2012: I think that companies have to give people more opportunities in their own towns!
    The resourses are the same and I think that people haven't go out of their towns to look for better opportunties. They can make it by their owns...
    Hope my opinion help you!
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      Jan 31 2012: I agree with your thought .
      People can create opportunities themselves in their own towns. Businesses from small towns can be major revenue contributors.

      Which towns in your country have increased trade and inhabitants over the last 5 years ??

      Please name a few , which come to your mind without referring any statistics .
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        Jan 31 2012: I think that Córdoba, Santa Fe, Rosario (Santa Fe), Santa Rosa (La Pampa), Corrientes and Misiones are the 6 towns that have increased trade and inhabitants in Argentina in the last 5 years. But of course in my humble opinion!
        Hope I've helped!
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          Jan 31 2012: Fantastic. Thanks for your reply.

          This information is very useful , for me to understand about Argentina's growing economy.

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