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create a team within our TED community working on ideas that can became educational games.

What do we want to teach our kids - globally?
Who can give us background information - facts and figures?
Do you want to became part of that team - and creating projects about educational games?


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    Mar 13 2011: i have a game. it's simple and already out in the hive mind of global communities. chess. the challenge is access to chess boards and pieces. plastic ones are polluting, and often expensive. i've designed an 8 x 11 (think sheet of stiff paperstock cardboard at the back of a legal pad) the vector file is sent to any desktop printer in the world. the kids simply print out the 8x11 board with the 10 rules and how to on the back and cut out the pieces. the pieces have little cut out cross stands like paper dolls do. instant affordable chess.

    a fancier version is thin wood stock that get lasered. it's massed produced, light and can be shipped anywhere in the world for a few pennies. i've approached oliver hess TED Fellow and Principal of Didier Hess. he thought it was a fantastic idea and has some of his fabricators in LA looking at how to create it.

    I'm also spoke with John Werman of citizenschools to drop these templates into his school system.

    chess teaches three dimensional thinking, critical thinking skills, sportsmenship, math, etc.

    the media campaign along with it would be "Be a Queen" or "Be a King" The overall idea is called "Chesster" as in jester and chess.

    any thoughts?


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