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create a team within our TED community working on ideas that can became educational games.

What do we want to teach our kids - globally?
Who can give us background information - facts and figures?
Do you want to became part of that team - and creating projects about educational games?


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  • Mar 12 2011: i do belives this issue deserves a lot of attentions.
    i would love to come back and read more about it.
    generally i think that becouse childrens in education system are expected to learn more thay neglect the abillity to improve other skilles. when lern a certien skill a person is being empowered and obtain a succesful exprience.
    in studies what replace this expirience is succeeding a tests. after the tast is done this new knowledge lead to advenced knowledge and advenced test.
    it could be difficult for a game designer to create a game that would last a whole kid studying period enthusiastic.

    what i suggest instead, is to encoruge the new 'gamers' to expirience a whole range of correlations with generating thoghts and processing information.
    i belive that a kid that learned something would be thrilled to teach another child, and that a group of kids sent to explore a certain area whould love to show their findings and to share information.
    this is mearly a game solution but more of an interactive studies with other students.

    also i think that when the platform will be available it will almost run on its own and we as adults will have a lot to learn from and only than we'll be abale to realy ask.. What do we want to teach our kid?
    and yes. i would love to be part of such team very much :)
    thank you..

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