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create a team within our TED community working on ideas that can became educational games.

What do we want to teach our kids - globally?
Who can give us background information - facts and figures?
Do you want to became part of that team - and creating projects about educational games?


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  • Mar 12 2011: This is a terrible idea. Are you sure gaming is time better spent than studying. Most games that are popular are popular because they are addictive. Not educational. Plus gaming uses less parts of the brain than reading or just doing nothing. The future you dream of has a lot more stupid people that know stuff they learned from gaming. The future I dream of has smart people who are well educated and plentiful in creativity.

    What I'm trying to say is that gaming and education are opposite elements. If gaming teaches people, it's not gonna do a very good job. It's sacrificing true intelligence for easily obtainable facts done in a different fashion.
    • Mar 12 2011: Are you stating that gaming use less parts of the brain than doing nothing at all? I'm sorry, but to make such extraordinary claims I think you better back that up with some sources.

      I also think that you're notion that games and education are opposite elements is plain wrong. In fact, I recommend that you listen so Salman Khans speech from this years TED, where among other things, he mentions that something as simple as gaming's ideas of highscores and achievements is proving very efficient. I don't think that there are any reasons to think that other elements of gaming is worthless.

      In the end, gaming is about simulation of real world elements. Personally I think that to believe that we can't use that to teach is absurd, as it already is a vital part of education today and always has been.

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