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How do you envision "Biomimicry" will change our future?

With more and more people talking about biomimicry; more and more projects and products embrace "Nature inspired design". Could we, humans, really incorporate the ideas of biomimicry into every single aspect of our daily life? Could we change our life styles radically to sustainable ones and finally living in harmony with nature?


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    Feb 18 2011: I'd like to see some examples that would be considered sustainable from an energy/carbon footprint standpoint as well as having environmental stewardship/ecosystem restoration value. I don't consider something like the following to fit those criteria but suspect this may be the type of application we can expect to see much more of. Moreover, let's make sure we aren't talking about something to take the place of day to day experiences in nature...

    A nano air vehicle/hummingbird? http://www.avinc.com/nano

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