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We are organizing a TEDx event, what advice you should give us?!

The next october we are organizating a small TEDx event so we want to ask you how you made one or what advices about organization and managment for the event can you give us, Thank You!

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    Feb 1 2012: What is the most important to do is be frank, not to manipulate some things.
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    Feb 3 2012: You've already had some good advice so I won't repeat it but I will say this... There are 3 things critical to making your TEDx event the best it can be. First, the Team. Get the mix right and you've already won half the battle. Second, focus on your Performers/Speakers. Help them tell their stories the best they can. And lastly, think about the Theme. This is what gives your TEDx identity. A TEDx can be anything you want it to be. The Theme is its spirit. It is that single defining image which everyone will take back home with them so give it some time and thought.

    Ok. I'm done :)
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      Feb 3 2012: Wow! Thank you!
      We didn't though the theme!
      You are right! It's basic!
      We are now plannig to go for the TEDx Summit but we hope to win a scholarship because it's really expensive to afford it for us... :S
      Thank you again!
      Hope to meet you all in some TED event or when you came to Argentina Contact us!
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        Feb 3 2012: Tu hablar espanol si ? De nada Chica :)

        Yeah I had some money saved up so the TEDxSummit looks like it'll work out for me. And I know how expensive tickets are from that part of the world ! I was in Argentina, Brazil and (mostly) Chile for 5 or 6 weeks and I loved it there so might be going back soon !
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          Feb 3 2012: Siii! Hablo español!
          Thank you again!
          Hope to see you in the TEDxSummit :S
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    Feb 1 2012: Hi Macarena, having a good team that meets, attendance at the speakers, and coordinate activities for breaks with sponsors and others organizations. Anything you may need, write me :-)

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      Feb 1 2012: Gustavo!
      No puedo creer que me escribas!
      Estoy tratando de pedirme el día para poder ir el 29 a la UTN!
      Gracias por los consejos!
      Espero que nos podamos reunir algún día así me contás tu experiencia e intercambiamos ideas!
      Nuevamente gracias por tu aporte!
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    Jan 30 2012: I hope it will help you out more.
    1. Your TEDx event it should cover the experienced as well as young talented speakers.
    2. More room for creativity and as well as the affordability for the youth to participate.
    3. Mainly focus on small businesses and education. (including all the sectors)
    4. In the end focus what covers 99% people's need and helping them better ways to improve their standards. And forget about 1% bluechips :)...because they have their think tanks for this job, :D

    Wish you all Good luck for hosting this event!
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      Jan 30 2012: Hi Naeem!
      Thanks for your answer!
      I'm agree in every point!
      I Think it's very important to cover the most sectors we can!
      Thank you again!
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        Jan 30 2012: Bienvenido! I have attended few TEDx events in my city. But most notable thing i've found here, that the younger ones really don't take interest (Age group 15-20). There are some very genius brains hidden in the slums in most 3rd World countries. Like here a 16 year working boy of 10th grade got the second position over all in the state where i live. There are several of examples like this. The Good brains should contribute to sow a crop for decades to come, for more innovations and brighter ideas. And i have my reservations for the entry fees here too. It should be totally free for the students though! I hope you guys will create some room for the students to make it more vibrant and ideological.
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    Jan 30 2012: Hi Macarena!

    Being born and raised in Buenos Aires, my answer will be biased (even if I have lived outside the country for more than 10 years).
    I would focus the event on things / concepts that are necessary / good for the country / city.

    My take would be:
    Present, finding success stories of local innovators driving new business concepts associated with technology / remarkable people that changed their life through effort / organizations generating change that link Argentina to other countries.
    Future, Biotech as the new economic sector. (what is the role of the universities, the state, the corporation, what’s the vision, etc) / biodiversity as an asset.

    It would also be interesting to have a speaker playing devil’s advocate challenging locally held assumptions, like the damage on the soil of soya production or the real impact of mining vs other industries currently in place.

    Just a few ideas 



    PS please make sure the registration process is not as bad as the one done for TEDx Buenos Aires 2010
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      Jan 30 2012: Hi Julian!
      Thank you for your answer!
      De paso podríamos cambiar el idioma!
      Gracias en serio por las sugerencias!
      El TEDx va a ser en Santa Fe! El nombre oficial es TEDxLagunaSetubal y con respecto a los speakers estamos tratando de que la mayoría sean oriundos de Santa Fe y variados en temas!
      Me encantaron las ideas que tiraste así que lo compartiré con el resto del equipo organizador.
      Con respecto al proceso de inscripción, los chicos se están esforzando mucho para que sea rápido y eficaz! Lo único malo es que por ser el primero, sólo podrán asistir 100 personas :(
      Nuevamente gracias!
      Saludos y ojalá si te interesa, puedas asistir!
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    Jan 30 2012: I feel that a TEDx event should have variant speakers from all sectors , who can share innovative ideas which can make some economical sense to the masses.

    When it comes to electing the speakers , may be an realtime experienced person might share an idea that can relate to all and can be good speaker than an professional in that subject.

    Are you willing to restrict the event to few invitess / guests or you are making it public ??
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      Jan 30 2012: I'm agree with the speakers! We are trying to elect some of different sectors to make it more interesting.
      Respecting the guests it's our first TEDx so we can only invite 100... We are going to make it public but we can only invite 100 :(
      Thak you for your tips!
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    Jan 29 2012: 1) Have a space
    2) Have some great speakers.
    (3: film it, because that's an obligatory TEDx rule)

    That's the most important thing.
    All the rest secondary, but will take more and more time. But always remember that it is "just nice to have".
    Depending on how many people participate in organizing, you can add food, drinks, goodies, workshops, demo's, sponsor villages, parties, lighting, professional teams, booklets,...

    Just ask yourself and your team what they really wish to ad & go for those enthusiastic ideas... that's where you tap into the passion of your volunteers, and really can let them show-off in those things that they love to do.
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      Jan 30 2012: Thank you Christophe!
      We have the space. We are looking for great speakers and we will film it!
      We are just preparing the documents to go for sponsors too so I think we are in the good way!
      Sometimes is a little complicated to communicate each others because we are in different places but I think we are making the best in every little things!
      Thank you very much again for your answer!
  • Jan 29 2012: hi Macarena

    I congratulate you for your event and wish you the best

    I haven't organised any TEDx even, but I am looking forward to start organizing. Previously I have organised different events and have been part of some other events where I have gained some experience.
    What I have learned from it was valuable. and the most important thing is communication.
    It is hard to find the right people for your team and even harder to explain them the idea and its mission because where there is more then three persons in a team then there is more then three ideas to deal with and pick the best that suits you well. as they saying goes: "the devil is in detail" it means you have to go deep in detail of the ideas and find the true meaning. So you build your team first, communicate them your ideas in details and expect them to do so too.
    if they and/or you miss something then it might cost you time and energy to fix it later on.

    It is like running a project and being the project manager, so if you have ever done such thing you know that there are people involved in your event and every one needs to know WHAT / WHEN / WHERE (the triple W-s) is going to happen.
    finding speakers for your event, I think, isn't just going out and ask someone to speak but to find out whether his or her ideas are worth listening and sharing. (ex: I might talk well, explain something clearly in details and easy to understand for every one but do I have an idea to share that is the question)

    Wish you a lot of fun and all the best through your event
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      Jan 30 2012: Edwin!
      Thank you for your answer too!
      It's really interesting what you said about to be such as a Project Manager!
      I hope we have a gratefull experience!
      And if you need some help to organise your own TEDx when we finish our you can count with us!
      Thank you again!