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We are organizing a TEDx event, what advice you should give us?!

The next october we are organizating a small TEDx event so we want to ask you how you made one or what advices about organization and managment for the event can you give us, Thank You!


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    Jan 30 2012: I hope it will help you out more.
    1. Your TEDx event it should cover the experienced as well as young talented speakers.
    2. More room for creativity and as well as the affordability for the youth to participate.
    3. Mainly focus on small businesses and education. (including all the sectors)
    4. In the end focus what covers 99% people's need and helping them better ways to improve their standards. And forget about 1% bluechips :)...because they have their think tanks for this job, :D

    Wish you all Good luck for hosting this event!
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      Jan 30 2012: Hi Naeem!
      Thanks for your answer!
      I'm agree in every point!
      I Think it's very important to cover the most sectors we can!
      Thank you again!
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        Jan 30 2012: Bienvenido! I have attended few TEDx events in my city. But most notable thing i've found here, that the younger ones really don't take interest (Age group 15-20). There are some very genius brains hidden in the slums in most 3rd World countries. Like here a 16 year working boy of 10th grade got the second position over all in the state where i live. There are several of examples like this. The Good brains should contribute to sow a crop for decades to come, for more innovations and brighter ideas. And i have my reservations for the entry fees here too. It should be totally free for the students though! I hope you guys will create some room for the students to make it more vibrant and ideological.

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