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We are organizing a TEDx event, what advice you should give us?!

The next october we are organizating a small TEDx event so we want to ask you how you made one or what advices about organization and managment for the event can you give us, Thank You!


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    Jan 30 2012: Hi Macarena!

    Being born and raised in Buenos Aires, my answer will be biased (even if I have lived outside the country for more than 10 years).
    I would focus the event on things / concepts that are necessary / good for the country / city.

    My take would be:
    Present, finding success stories of local innovators driving new business concepts associated with technology / remarkable people that changed their life through effort / organizations generating change that link Argentina to other countries.
    Future, Biotech as the new economic sector. (what is the role of the universities, the state, the corporation, what’s the vision, etc) / biodiversity as an asset.

    It would also be interesting to have a speaker playing devil’s advocate challenging locally held assumptions, like the damage on the soil of soya production or the real impact of mining vs other industries currently in place.

    Just a few ideas 



    PS please make sure the registration process is not as bad as the one done for TEDx Buenos Aires 2010
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      Jan 30 2012: Hi Julian!
      Thank you for your answer!
      De paso podríamos cambiar el idioma!
      Gracias en serio por las sugerencias!
      El TEDx va a ser en Santa Fe! El nombre oficial es TEDxLagunaSetubal y con respecto a los speakers estamos tratando de que la mayoría sean oriundos de Santa Fe y variados en temas!
      Me encantaron las ideas que tiraste así que lo compartiré con el resto del equipo organizador.
      Con respecto al proceso de inscripción, los chicos se están esforzando mucho para que sea rápido y eficaz! Lo único malo es que por ser el primero, sólo podrán asistir 100 personas :(
      Nuevamente gracias!
      Saludos y ojalá si te interesa, puedas asistir!

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