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"100,000 Americans every year" = A fatal crash of an Airbus A380 every other day. Would you fly if that was the safety record of aviation?

Daniel Kraft has an idea how to approach it

See also http://www.ted.com/talks/tim_harford.html on medical errors and the God complex


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  • Feb 3 2012: The individual rewards of medicine far outweigh the individual rewards of aviation. So if I had to fly to receive life-saving medical attention - or if you want an example that doesn't necessarily include medicine, fly to escape seriously harmful radiation levels, you bet I would.
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      Feb 4 2012: Ryan this is true only in serious or life-threatening situations. However, most of medicine today is about tweaking stuff (think all the "pre" conditions that are treated in essentially healthy individuals with drugs and procedures that have adverse consequences) and screening for disease that may or may not impact us in the long run. We do not have a very good idea of how much harm is caused by all of these interventions that are either marginally necessary or outright unnecessary.

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