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Can morality change? Should we change with it or go back to the fundamentals?

From the beginning of time morality has changed quite a bit. in almost all biblical scriptures, the idea of women being of a lower class, following religion to the bone, and learning discipline as well as restraint, have been the epicenter for morality. If these things were being morally correct back then, why don't we still do them now a days?

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    Jan 28 2012: From the beginning of cognitive awareness human's have interacted with each other and the environment with changing norms of behaviour and morality. Morals will change to reflect the prevailing cultural thinking and environmental conditions. The moral pendulum swings in perpetual motion.

    Religious texts fix a point in time detailing the moral norms prevailing at that time. Although interesting as a record of human social evolution and change, it is not these historical morals that are the message. Many of the great leaders chose to lead by example and through stories that made people think deeply in order to change their mind set. Often they did not wish their message to be recorded in text at all, since they understood that human-beings were subject to perpetual change - and indeed needed to change in order to reflect their teachings. Jesus never said .... everything's fine, proceed as you are.

    It is not a question that morality can or should change, but rather that morality cannot remain static.
    • Jan 28 2012: Very nice opener in response. I would add a definition to consider: morals and morality may be consider a measure of harmony with God. Advanced morality is the result of knowing God better. This knowing is what has been changing and it is progress toward the Original Morality that is needed.

      Morality cannot remain static---a very good summation. It is up to each individual to choose movement to better living. Help others by being a good example.

      Good thread here Jacob.