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Time travel is very possible, the problem is we are thinking with a limited mind

God is able to tiime travel, because his mind has no limitations, he is infinite. Now that's the secret. Stop thinking with the conciousness of physical limitations(stop thinking like everyday man, i mean thinking using the already laws of physics, there are more not yet discovered laws of physics) so come on get up and THINK

  • Jan 28 2012: well I think it has already been done by the germans back in the 40s,though its atill a mystery.Some say its that Hitlers scientists created a teleporatation machine that looks like a BELL.They said that in a certain amount of gravity you can open a portway for teleportation.
    There are also teleportation accounts which happened in the bermuda triangle.
  • Jan 29 2012: God..... dont make me laugh... sorry contradictary religious stories without true factual foundations dont wash with me.
    Playing on peoples fears forcing untrue beliefs in order to control and turn them into zombies to fit into this corrupt and unjust monetary system, just dont seem right to me.
  • Jan 28 2012: Matter expands and contracts. As matter expands it releases energy in the form of electrons. This can be seen physically as H2O ices, in our atmosphere form the many different varying crystalline forms as it expands, in higher or thinner atmospheres. Which crystal will form depends on the temperature and pressure. At one atmosphere a 6 sided crystal will form; its branches falling between the outer electrons in a 2,6 ; or 6,2 formation at 105 degrees. In higher altitudes H2O ices will shed outer electrons as it expands which will be attracted to the ground state of water which is 8 outer electrons, as lightning. Just as seen in the Big Bang matter expands to first generation densities or stars there only hydrogen exists. hydrogen retains a miniscule excss positive charge of 100 to the neg. 40th power that attracts all other hydrogen atoms in the universe; therefore, can not expand beyond hydrogen, and the universe will be seen as contracting from that point in time. Newton's law states that red shift increases as matter contracts, but time and the universe exists in two, physically, different, equal, realms one at the speed of light, and the other a steady progression depenant on the density. As seen in H2O ices formation; as matter contract the outer electrons will be reassembled in a natural order fashion forming the new denser crystal. Therefore, the Ice Ages are caused by sudden and abrupt increases in the density of our atmosphere and each new era in life is processed by a new Ice Age. Time/the generations can either be divided by the periodic chart, or by each new era in life. We should now see the universe as in the many varying eras in time contracting at the speed of light and at the point of the Big Bang exceeding the speed of light eternally turning back the hands of time to create each new our beginnings. Naigara Falls recedes at .25"/year and is 6000 years old and also, at the speed of light, 2.1 million years old, as seen in the Holocene.
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    Jan 28 2012: So what have you accomplished so far in the field of time travel? Perhaps you can give us a demonstration of your advancements for all of us to see.
    Afterall, you seem to have a good grasp on the requirements, apparently.

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