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Racial Slurs:How can we minimize or end the use of Racism ?(Racism in Association English football:its just not black,whiteorbrowndebate)

Being brought up in a society where a name is given to describe a specific community is sometimes painful. In britian the word "PKI" was associated with the brown people usually from the subcontinent that included " India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal or Sri lanka" while in the u.s.a the "N" word was associated with the black community though both words have a long and complex history, and has gone from a cutting and derogatory racial slur to a term of endearment frequently used by South-Asian/South-east-asian youth culture, it still has the power to anger and enrage when taken out of its new context.

The world has accepted Absolute Universal ethics that suggests that Persons are never means to an end, but are ends in themselves. Then why in our society do we consider ourselves superior to others on the basis of color, creed and race, in considering others to be inferior and making fun of them, in censuring others, in calling them with bad names?

Racism in association football is the abuse of players, officials and fans because of their skin colour, nationality, religion or ethnicity. Some may be targeted (also) because of their association with an opposing team. However, there have been instances of individuals being targeted by their own fans

What can one do to stop such Rhetoric?
How can one create a more tolerant society?
If the problem lies in the present education system, then why hasnt it been changed for years now?

Need ideas from the Intellect TED community here:

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    Feb 23 2012: Racism is very deeply entrenched in some people. If they grew up in a racist home, then they learned that pattern of behavior.Mutual respect for others can also be learned. Education is the key.That being said. You might be able to get rid of people uttering racial slurs, but you cannot stop them from thinking them. Wouldn't it be wonderful to go to the root of this problem and cure people of their racism once and for all.

    We belong to one race: HUMAN

    MHO...Be Well

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  • Jan 31 2012: Speak up everytime you here it.
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      Feb 10 2012: great comment but nothing happens when one speaks up, as nobody is there to listen
      • Feb 14 2012: Hi Franciz
        As a white male and when with white friends who make racial comments, when I say stop speaking like that in front of me, they do. If they know I don't appreciate it they don't do it again, this cuts down on racial slurs. If everyone would speak up we could really cut down on it. I worked in a day center and over a two year period threw 6 people out for making racial comments, guess what, it stopped. We all have to make an effort no matter what color you are because if we do nothing it will never change.
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          Feb 23 2012: Hi James, it seems, like you, many of us also tell those around us that this pattern of behavior is unacceptable. My friends know not to speak negative of any race around me. I will not tolerate it. I am not shy about telling others how wrong they are with their racist remarks.

          I remember reading an interview of Maya Angelou in O magazine many years back. In it, she describes a party in her home, where one guest utters a racial slur. She threw the guest out of her home.

          She then said: "When people show you who they are, believe them".

          Racism is such a terrible human trait. We can all do better without it.

          Be Well.
  • Feb 23 2012: Good for you Mary! We need to teach more of our friends to speak up and perhaps it will have an impact. There are many people who are not racist but are afraid to speak up to their family and friends and that's what we need to do. Take care and keep up the good work.
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    Feb 23 2012: Racism in association football is the abuse of players, officials and fans because of their skin colour, nationality, religion or ethnicity. This rhetoric can be stopped by anti-racism plan as adopted how can we implement this plan considering the roots of racism in english culture example skin heads etc
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      Feb 23 2012: Franciz, don't you think that the spectators enjoy such garbage....?

      If you don't enjoy it, don't go. Stay out of the stadium.

      You only have control over yourself, there is no way to control people.

      To them, all these racial slurs are half the fun.....that is why it is difficult to stop.

      People will entertain themselves with anything.....even if it is damaging to others.

      This is very sad....but none-the-less truth.

      How long have these games been like this?? And are you the only one who feels the behavior is unacceptable?
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    Jan 28 2012: well, the racial slurs being used out of context, or at all, will usualy develop in an enviornment where such language would be acceptable. usualy beginning in the teenage years in schools, friend gatherings, on the internet, games, etc.
    the way to get rid of such problem probibly doesn't exist. well, we can solve all problems with the drop of a few hundred nukes, but that would be counter productive. to be productive and make racial slurs less torlerable in society people would need to be eduacted on the culture that corresponds to the racial slur being used. not only that, but one would need to be able to compleatly understand why one might find offence to a certian word being used. however, many people are not ver compassionate and are only looking out for them selves, so this is not as fesable as one might wish.