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Is there anything such as waste or unfortunate

if you broke your glass window, you would say, that it is unfortunate. but that would create employment for the window repairer. If you there were no burglars, would there have been a need for security gadgets and personnel. if there were no diseases would there have been pharmaceutical firms that generate employment and revenue for government and individuals? are unfortunate incidence actually unfortunate?


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  • Feb 22 2012: It is true that waste, broken objects, disease, and all sorts of misfortunes generate employement. However, these are not the only sort of employment, and only exist out of necessity. People who have great talent in these fields would also be able to use their talents in other fields. If there were no burglers, no disease, etc, then the world would only be a more innovative place. The same people emplyed by these fields would be employed in other fields and I think it is indeed unfortunate that so much of the time and talent of humanity must be used like this.

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