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How can smartphones enhance a presentation?

Many owners of smartphones need to give presentations in various different environments (offices, client sites and large conference rooms). They need an effortless solution to display their content and would like to take advantage of the mobility of their phone to enhance their presentations.

How can we Make smartphones a trusted companion for delivering awesome presentations that engage and captivate audiences and enhances collaboration with others.

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    Jan 27 2012: I think a possibility is to create beamers that you can connect to through bluetooth and hence allow people to show their slides or documents with it. Another possibility I think sounds good is to create an app for mobile devices that would allow them to show the presentation on all of these devices simultaneously. Of course it's still a question whether this would be more of a distraction than something useful, but it would increase the mobility of presentations as you would need no non-mobile devices. In addition to this you could give this app the functionality of an anonymous voting/suggesting system so people would not be peer-pressured into decisions. This already exists on non-mobile devices.