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We should create adaptive systems to support humanity in it's goals.

What if, we created a server/os/program that could create virtual machines on it's own. The administrator first creates a virtual machine template with a purpose (mail server, apache server, etc.) We then have a team of developers take a systems administrator wiki and start automating everything by writing a program that can do it. So the server would be adaptive, it would act upon input much like a human. The server creates the virtual server, the virtual server uses programs to automate tasks. If we focused on this we could probably create an endless loop, slightly scary because I think that was in the AI movie. Just a thought...

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    Jan 27 2012: If we could write choice as a variable I wonder how that would be done... It seems if and then are not enough :-) or maybe right why as a variable? Curious are all variables constant? Could we have a variable that never stays the same in the equation therefore always creating a new answer? Maybe call it the change variable... I'm sure everyone that writes programs has thought of this already LOL
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      Jan 27 2012: You could write a variable that's random with one simple function, but I assume you want the solution to be the best one and not a random one? This would have to be done with a mathematical function by calculating the chance of success per option. The problem is that the system has to give a certain value to certain "features" of a situation which have to be predetermined or learned based on history.
      See a system like this as an automation of the human mind when it makes a choice: Before we can write a system that can make decisions like humans do we have to know precisely how a human brain calculates the best option and implement this in a mathematical way. If we can accomplish this the next step would be to give it more experience than a human brain by feeding it as much input, based on historic facts, as we can.

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