Timothy Shreffler

Linux Systems Administrator, Booz Allen Hamilton

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How do organizations determine which IT innovations to pursue or ignore? How do they estimate the business benefits of such projects?

My Answer: Organization should determine which IT innovations to pursue by determining how beneficial the idea itself will be to the whole of humanity and the world. When we learn to stop thinking so selfishly about material things like capital which In the end really mean nothing, the money will come. If you come up with a truly world benefiting idea something that helps everyone wouldn’t everyone support it? Money doesn’t just come from businesses when something is truly inspiring private citizen donate money because they believe in what you’re doing. We should build departments to help educate people, to help them grow as a person, to make them happy and insightful. When we start investing more in ourselves and the ones we care about innovation just happens new ideas just form. Imagination is endless and infinite, some of the most amazing ideas come from children uncorrupted by society maybe we should ask them?