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Is judging people good or bad? What are the effects both good and bad of both of the alternatives?

You've probably been hearing a lot about judging being bad.. But is it really true?

A lot of people people say that judging is bad.. but what I usually see that same people that say that judge.. They might not judge on looks, but they still judge:
whether on friendliness, achievements, openness or talents.

But whatever you judge on, you still judge based on your values.

So I'm interested in psychological effects of judging or lack of judgments on both the judge and the judged.

Would changing the word judge into making quick distinctions about people change the way you view it.

(Would like to see some references to studies, if possible)

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    Feb 3 2012: We have to make quick judgments of people's abilities in order to see if they need help or not.

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