Adam Burk

Founder/ Director, Treehouse Institute


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How can ecological design support sage human development?

We understand that our environments (psychological, emotional, and physical) have profound impacts on health, learning, and human development.

Sage human development is the process by which individuals learn to employ harmony over chaos, and personal progress is intimately tied to the greater good of all--people and planet. Sage denotes an orientation to and veneration of wisdom enacted as timely conflict resolution. Sage also contrasts current cultural exaltations of the pinnacle of human experience being financial or material wealth.

I have previously reasoned and explored the educational environments (these necessarily encompass psychological and emotional environments) that support sage human development as part of my master's work. Now I am deeply interested in how our built environment can support this.

I see a reciprocal relationship between the builder and the built. It takes profoundly sane personalities to explore and employ ecological design principles on every scale--nano to landscape. I propose that environments built using ecological design principles will support the development of more sane personalities. Just like having access to clean air supports healthy lungs, having access to wisely and ecologically designed environments should develop health in the reciprocal human function, the personality.

So what are your experiences in such environments (wilderness or human) that enriched your capacity to employ harmony over chaos? To enact timely conflict resolution? How can these experiences be further enriched and supported by human communities?

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    Mar 15 2011: Ecological sage development will become usual after awareness of us and ecology mutual affection.
    Media, social communities, technology evolution, environment state all lead to farther familiarization with our actions' results.
    Hope soon ecological awareness will blend with our society on various levels.

    Here is a talk how game environment excites, motivates and moves people