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Does your pet dog or cat know when you are coming home?


I've just watched an amazing video lecture by Rupert Sheldrake about animal telepathy.


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    Jan 27 2012: Colleen,

    I believe this to be true.... It seems to me dog understands the most basic of questions. What is the meaning of life? The ultimate answer being love. Dog doesn't worry about anything and everything, dog is not materialistic or corrupt. They simple love us and we love them, imagine if humanity could learn to do that with one and other... Our potential would be limitless, and dog would laugh at us and say you finally get it, well it's about damn time.

    :-) T.J.
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      Jan 28 2012: Maybe they already ARE laughing at us? Maybe they are still trying to teach us? I agree...if humanity could learn some of the lessons animals are teaching us, it might make a big difference in our world:>)

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