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Does your pet dog or cat know when you are coming home?


I've just watched an amazing video lecture by Rupert Sheldrake about animal telepathy.


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    Jan 27 2012: My dog Levi will guard the entire house if I say "Levi, watch the house" I have never trained him in this command. He's an old dog now with many years of experience in reading my mood and tone. I've noticed if I leave him out he guards the house now without me asking, which sometimes makes him very tired. I often will put him in his crate now when I leave so he can rest. One thing is for certain in the crate or outside patrolling the house I hear him barking before I step foot out of my car everyday. That being said sometimes I park in the street, sometimes I park in the driveway depending on who is at my house and how bad the parking situation is. I feel the connection with him, through love.
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      Jan 27 2012: Yes, I understand that dogs have been human companions for over 100,000 years - longer than cats c. 7,000 years and horses c. 5,000 years. The earliest dog / human pay off being that dogs provide guarding survices and human's provide food scraps - so Levi's only doing what comes naturally - and I'm sure he loves doing his doggy duty for you!

      The video link shows evidence that domesticated animals (a dog in the example) know when their pet human is returning home at the point when the human decides to return home!
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        Jan 27 2012: Would it surprise you if dogs were smarter than humans in certain ways? I mean they do love unconditionally which is already a step past us in the evolutionary chain in my opinion... One thing is for certain we can learn from everything in this world including dogs. Maybe they will teach us telepathy in the future :-) YEEEEAAAA! I'll have to watch the full video tonight after work, thanks for this!
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          Jan 27 2012: It has to be true when you look at the state of the world! :-)
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          Jan 27 2012: Timothy,
          It would not surprise me at all. In fact, I watched a documentary on public tv not too long ago about research that has been done with dogs for many years, and some of the discoveries were truly amazing! At the end of the documentary, the question was asked..."could it be that dogs are more intelligent than humans?" The research information presented, certainly caused me to ponder!
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        Jan 28 2012: I haven't had a chance to watch the video yet, but I just wanted to comment that evidence shows that we may have domesticated dogs, but cats moved in because it was convenient for them. We had unwanted rodents, they like rodents, it was a good deal for both of us.

        Self-domestication clearly has left them with the idea that they're doing us a favour as much as the other way around, heh.
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          Jan 28 2012: Actually, Gisela, after watching this documentary that I mentioned, I was left with the question...who domesticated whom? Think about it!!! We feed them when they are hungry, pat them when they want to be patted, get up early in the morning or late at night to take them for a walk...etc. etc. I think the dogs have taught us well:>)

          I agree with your idea that cats "moved in because it was convenient for them", and it was probably a good deal for all of us:>)

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