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Chinese Government ban on TV shows

The Chinese government have recently banned some TV shows and social networking sites saying that these shows hampers the Chinese youth as they are being exposed to the ideas and tradition of western world. The government says that the youth must be attached to there traditional culture ,do you think in these globalized world getting exposed to different cultures and values is wrong?

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    Jan 27 2012: it is possible that such tv shows are detrimental to young people or children or some young people or some children. but government can not possibly know this any better than parents do. the government is a bad shepherd of culture. culture can survive only if people themselves care and keep it alive.

    in addition, if a government bans certain opinions and voices in the name of "culture", we can suspect they are actually protecting their own power. in the case of the chinese government, "western tradition" is dangerous not because of selfishness, sexual freedom, lack of values or such things, but more because its emphasis on personal freedom, limited government with transparency and democracy. chinese rulers don't want to see any of these nearby.
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    Feb 27 2012: They can do that? I come from a 'harsh' eastern European country, but even to me, that is awful.
    Honestly, this is teenagers we're talking about - if you want them to love them even more make it illegal. So, no, I don't think that's a good move. Also, by doing that, is seems as though they are showing a weakness - Chinese culture and tradition are more that 3000 years old, surely it could endure the impact of the western culture. I agree with other comments saying that the governments are scared, but not only of what watching those tv shows would do to the youth, but what would the youth learn, and how could that possibly change their views of the world i.e. the 'system', the government...