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Just how rife is workplace apathy? Who is to blame, employer or employee?

How many people feel beyond boredom in the daily tasks required by them at work, and for how long for?

Do you feel it is the system you work in facilitating this or do you feel it may have manifetsed due to your own habits?

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      Jan 27 2012: Wow, theres some truth..Im feeling that, you sound like me at work.

      "I'm so not motivated by intrinsic values"
      Not even your own?
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          Jan 29 2012: As an old guy I can't tell you how your candor has affirmed for me, and my generation, that we are way better than you young whippersnappers who want everything handed to you etc. etc. ad infinitum. Now get your tongue out of your cheek and use it to influence your elected officials to smarten up and get this battered old country back on track.
        • Jan 30 2012: @edward long: I saw this comment when I visited your TED profile.

          I have a very strong impression that Anja Theissen is being ironic. "Her" comments made me laugh!