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Why is it that NRC on 12-22-11 granted a waiver of 30-day comment waiting period for it's approval of two new reactors each in GA & SC?

We should discuss an NRC 12-22-11 waiver of 30-day waiting period for it's approval of two new reactors each in GA & SC. Main stream media (MSM) is not helping us have these discussions.

MSM spins nuclear industrial stories because it's interlocked into the military-industrial complex of which we were warned by U.S. President Eisenhower (on Jan. 17, 1961) to beware. That "complex" has grown into a nuclear, military, economic and political global machine. It is so committed to making nuclear energy and its military applications a massive, undifferentiated whole that it now has overwhelming inertia.

Support of my opinion above and my comment Oct 3, 2011 (in Kevin Shepheard's TED CONVERSATION that's now closed ) is this new footnoted article: "Science with a Skew: The Nuclear Power Industry After Chernobyl and Fukushima" by Gayle Greene @ that's based in part on the 2010-2011 World Nuclear Industry Status Report, Worldwatch Institute, --see paragraph 2 on page 4.

Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC) sanitized by name-changing into Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF) and Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) sanitized by name-changing into Department of Energy (DOE) are but two parts of the military/industrial/carceral/pharmaceutical/educational/agrigenomic complex answering to the financial complex (a.k.a banks-got-bailed-out-we-got-sold-out-complex) of which we are all victims. None of MSM-RERF-DOE is going to help us have “a dialog…free from pointless ignorance” that some members of TED community vigorously pursue.

"Debate: Does the world need nuclear energy?" is a resource from TED that impells us to discuss NRC's 30-day waiting period waiver for it's approval of 2 new reactors each in GA & SC which MSM refuses to promote & force politicians to address.

  • Jan 31 2012: I have personally seen the old reactors down there in what you call GA/NC; there, a containment system or closed system reactor is viruetly non-existing. There, the only way to make the surrounding area safe is to contaminate all the other water bearing strata just to delute the contaminates it to a safe level, for its surrounding occupants. Maybe, they are just holding out til some provisions are made that address all the class action law suites involving its surrounding occupants, or a posible clean up of the clean up. Anyway, I am with you we do need new reactors, and right now!
    • Feb 9 2012: Gregory: Thanks for your comments. I do not think we need new reactors right now because the hardware and software of them propels unsafe consequence(s), the method of permitting them is authoritarian in that it refuses to allow public comment periods that might provide consensus either for them or against them and the voice(s) of opposition to them have been silenced. We have had more than enough quibbling about the myriad "causes" of our present historical moment and what we really need instead are cogent statements about the consequences of this moment. The 12-22-11 waiver of 30-day waiting period for NRC approval of two new reactors each in GA & SC denies the opportunity for clear statements regarding consequences to be made. Notice in my reply here I have tried to focus on consequences, not causes, because in this time (right now), to further the likelihood of species survival as well as survival of democratic processes, we really must address consequences. The time to have our delusional debates about causes is past. And again, Gregory, thank you for your comments because in them you have cited consequences and it is in devoting attention to consequences that you take personal action to further the likelihood of species survival and survival of democracy. The refusal to allow discussion of consequences is the reason the NRC granted the waiver which precludes public comment and silences discussion of consequences.