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Atheists also beleive.

If one analyses a lion; its teeth, its paws, its strength etc. s/he would understand that it is wild beast that wouldnot prefer eating leaves or vegetables. It would be obvious that this type of an animal prefers hunting bloody meat.
If one analyses a car; its engines, its pipes etc. s/he would understand that a car will not be able to work with water or coke.
If the same analyses a person;its inner world, s/he would take in that this creature is structured to believe in something; Ancient Greeks beleived in gods(Zeus,Paseidon...),middle age arabs to Lutta,Uzza..., Buddists to Dyo,Catholics to God,Orthodoxs to Bog,Muslims to Allah, Satanists to satan and atheists beleive that the Creator doesnot exist.
It would be paradoxical but Atheists also do beleive.


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  • Jan 28 2012: Yes, humans are geared to believe things.

    We have developed brains that can actively adapt to changing conditions and incorporate information. Unlike a fly, we will not ram into a closed glass door over and over again because our brains are too small to do much more than follow genetically encoded behaviors. We have the advanced resources and behaviors to consider what is, accept some claims as true, others as false. When one accepts a statement as true, one has a belief.

    We are free to believe pretty much whatever we like. Ideally, we would have evidence and or reason to justify our beliefs. We can't always do that. Sometimes we have to make do with what we have and consider some claims as likely or unlikely. Even those things that we believe we should be willing to revise in light of new evidence and or reason.

    Faith doesn't do that. Faith is how to justify a belief without proper justification.

    Yes, atheists believe too. That doesn't mean that atheists believe that no god(s) actually exist. Some do, others believe it better not to bother forming a belief about the actual existence of god(s) either way. After all, the cost of such an investment seems steep, and there is no evidence of any returns on that investment. It just doesn't seem to matter.
    • Jan 28 2012: 1-Brain,reason,intellect..
      You speak about brain,reason,intellect etc. as if you put me and others who believe, in a position of ignorant docile beings. Allow me to correct you, the faith I posses is perfectly justified with logical proofs and the reason.You seem to be a person of an intellect, so how come that you pass by such a beatiful well arranged order(eg. cell structure, golden ratio, planet formation etc.). I think it is impossible to claim that `Sun after Bing Bang decided to pose itself in 23 angel degree twards Earth,so that earth will have 4 seasons; or that Mitochondria(in cell structure) made its mind to serve to cell with supplying energy because it did not like doing work Lysosome does(grinds food coming from outside); or atmosphere layers decided to be 7 because they didnot like any other number...etc.The thing I am ignorant is in ithat I do not understand how it is possible to leave them to Coincidences. Let us concieve that we have seperate letters U O Y E V O L I ; according to theory of Probability, what would be the probabilty of those letters when dropping them to become I LOVE YOU ?!
      The point I am leading to is that it is impossible for them coincidencly form intellectual meaning without author or master!
      Most think that people with faith are restrained on their wills thus they are dependent and not free.Well, those who think so may be right in some aspects; where as they might not know that religious people are more free than those who are without. Non-believers are perpetually sceptic,they do not have proper,concrete foundation to rely on, thus they can be easily dellusioned by any `mesmirizing` system (eg.Communism)
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        Jan 29 2012: Davut, you seem to be working backwards. Was the universe created to support life as we know it or did life evolve to survive in the natural universe as it is.

        Why is it there is life on Earth, not Mercury or Venus, or the sun, or empty space (as far as we know - suggest there is a good chance of life somewhere else). Its just that the conditions weren't amenable. That doesn't mean Earth was made for humans.

        Would we have been okay if the angle was slightly different? OR zero? Do we need seasons to survive? We might have been in trouble in the orbit was more elliptical. Or if earth was closer to the sun. Or if our atoms ended up in the sum rather than earth.

        And in this supposed perfect universe, at some stage our Sun will expand and die. Earth will be obliterated. Just this is outside our puny human time scale. Asteroid hits or nearby super nova might do us in sooner. Also cancer, disease....

        If our descendants survive on the galactic time scale, they probably won't be anything like we are now in 100,000 or a million years. Or another Billion.

        Coincidence on a more human scale - I exist because my mother and father met, and their parents met, and their parents met etc. They all survived long enough to mate. Many of their siblings didn't.
        Natural processes are going to have outcomes. They don't need a driver.

        Perhaps believers are more open to views that clash with more religious views. Religious views seem compatible with Fascism, crusades, burning witches, stoning raped women, human sacrifice, keeping slaves, rascism, sexism, wars of aggression etc. My understanding is about 80% of the current population have some religious belief. I suggest they are responsible for a fair share of killing, lying, stealing, cheating, hatred going on. This is a human problem. I'd suggest religion doesn't seem any better than secular or humanist views on average. Even if atheism did result in worse social outcomes that doesn't make any religious belief system correct
    • Jan 28 2012: 3-Death
      So death for you is just cessation of life and nothing else?! ...not to be :) Crazy advice: try yourself in a coffin for 3 minutes and imagine your END. I bet you will hold different language. For, if to hearken our ego, it is not content with mortality, it seeks infinity.
      I sensed that you beleive in god, but sort of offended on Him. As if he is tyrant or despot making fun of us?! I respect your position but donot consent with that. The way you see is the way you think, the way you think is the way you enjoy your life ! Yes, there are some ostensible factors like poverty,handicapped births, calamaties,loss of very dear people that prompt us complaints,hates towards Him. But why donot we bother ourselves to ,a little, investigate; we are free,if we donot find persuasive answer,then here we go `Let us not trust Him.`
      Dear friend let me tell you that He is not in need for our niether beleifs nor worships,it is we who need it. :) We are free to choose. By the way, I am not religious zealot as you would think of me, I am perhaps a guy like you who enjoys playing football,watching some good movies and having fun!

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