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Atheists also beleive.

If one analyses a lion; its teeth, its paws, its strength etc. s/he would understand that it is wild beast that wouldnot prefer eating leaves or vegetables. It would be obvious that this type of an animal prefers hunting bloody meat.
If one analyses a car; its engines, its pipes etc. s/he would understand that a car will not be able to work with water or coke.
If the same analyses a person;its inner world, s/he would take in that this creature is structured to believe in something; Ancient Greeks beleived in gods(Zeus,Paseidon...),middle age arabs to Lutta,Uzza..., Buddists to Dyo,Catholics to God,Orthodoxs to Bog,Muslims to Allah, Satanists to satan and atheists beleive that the Creator doesnot exist.
It would be paradoxical but Atheists also do beleive.


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    Jan 26 2012: 'It would be paradoxical but Atheists also do beleive.'

    Well its not just paradoxical, its nonsense.
    A person who doesn't believe a claim =/= a person who does.

    By that logic there are two types of people, those who believe unicorns exist and those who don't, therefore everyone believes...Sorry but thats just an asinine conclusion, I can't see any nice way of putting it.
    • Jan 26 2012: The point I am driving to, is that we humanity are intrinsically structured to beleive in Something.
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        Jan 26 2012: 'The point I am driving to, is that we humanity are intrinsically structured to beleive in Something.'

        But atheism isn't a belief in something, its a disbelief.
        You believe something exists and I don't believe your position is true: Thats atheism
        Its not a belief its a lack there of.

        Even if I (a life long gnostic atheist) was to agree with your definition of atheism (which I don't), it still wouldn't make sense for the same reason as saying to your daughter that 'monsters dont exist' wouldn't conclude that you're holding a positive and active belief system. The only reason why the semantics are applied in this case is because people just so happen to be accustomed to this concept over the former, which is basically the logical fallacy of special pleading.
        • Jan 26 2012: Dear friend, I respect your position,sincerely!
          If your will be here is a story i encountered two days ago; while I was walking through the street i suddenly realized that the cat of our neiborhood converted to a lion and was about to attack me;with scare i started running and amazingly, I realized that i can fly. After a while, rescuing myself from a cat, i attemted to land down however i couldnot see any land under my feet, meanwhile i decided to fly to the moon,where i stayed for a day(day lasts there 64hours) The next day,fortunately i found my place.
          I know you found it very nonsense, but i am terribly sorry, it is the same what you beleive in, by leaving all the well-designed universe to the hands of coincidence.
          Please, do not get me wrong I donot intend to be destructive and offensive because my belief teaches me not to be so.Regards.
    • Jan 26 2012: Eyes- for looking; Ears- for listening; Nose- for smelling...etc.,
      Heart- for only pumping blood?! I do not think so; it is for LOVING,BELEIVING and TRUSTING.
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        Jan 26 2012: mmm Animals have hearts too... (for the record, i personally believe we are also animals, ooops it that a believe equal to believing in god?...)

        EDIT HERE: sorry, I was being sarcastic, I don’t consider the existence of god or souls to be reasonable propositions. We are animals, our emotions are not so special, we do have a very large brain…
        • Jan 26 2012: Yes we are animals with an INTELLECT which is the vivid difference between us and them.
          I understood from your comment that animals are brutal thogh they have a heart. Then how would you explain a passionate care of brutal mother-lioness to its kids ?!
        • Jan 26 2012: Moreover, my friend,beleive me, God is not needy in anybody to beleive in Him; it is `we` who need to do that. Infact i am not a sort of missionair preaching religion here, i am, perhaps,a guy like you who admires playing football, watching TV, having fun. Regards
        • Jan 26 2012: Well, let's look at the EVIDENCE.

          If we look at our ancestor, we see that we evolved from a common ancestor to bobos and chimps. If we look at our physiology, we have the exact same body parts as other animals. it is clearly evident that we are animals that happened to have evolved a larger brain. Conclusion: we are animals.

          If we look at any religion out there: There is not a single speck of evidence that there is any validity of any of their claims. Conclusion: Religions are false.

          Regarding your question: Is the belief that we are animals the same as a belief in "god"? One has evidence and the other has evidence against it. Conclusion: fact vs delusion. Therefore I think the answer is "No".

          Seems pretty simple to me. LOL
      • Jan 26 2012: No, that would be wrong. The heart does not have emotions. Those come from our minds. Other animals have "kindness" toward their young for the same reason we do; it is a survival (of the species) instinct.

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