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How can we simplify legal/business language?

What would it take for governments and businesses to adopt plain language in their communications with citizens and consumers? What's happening now, in your country or community, that could also work for others?

This Live Conversation will open at 2.30 pm EST on January 26th, 2012.

EDIT: Because of overwhelming enthusiastic responses, this conversation open for few more days. Sandra will be checking your comments from time to time and follow up with them. Thank you for participating!


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  • Jan 26 2012: Hi Sandra
    I was recently in a news feature about entrepeneurship and strangely enough I have been receiving calls where people have shown to really NOT have understood what was the message of the feature (north to south of Portugal). Yes I have had obviously positive reactions, but scary to find that even through visual the message may not get through.
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      Jan 26 2012: Hi Marta. Even the word "entrepreneurship" might be too complex for a large percentage of the population. TV tends to be good at explaining these things because they illustrate complex concepts with concrete examples. I'd be curious to see the show you mention.
      • Jan 26 2012: here it is. in portuguese, but will you agree with me after seeing it, to receive phone calls of people that are promt to work with you? when you the one that need the credit!! it has been an interesting ride. but assure that even when well explained it may not get through. of course my 93 year old grandma did not get it, but the calls i got and which i received their cv's are well within my age... beijos

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        Jan 27 2012: The children mocking us with their potential! That is all I watched, the first couple of minutes. It is interesting how these newer mediums possess us with meaningful discourse.
        • Jan 27 2012: John you have made me smile, the children are free spirits and they do talk clear!! :)

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