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How can we simplify legal/business language?

What would it take for governments and businesses to adopt plain language in their communications with citizens and consumers? What's happening now, in your country or community, that could also work for others?

This Live Conversation will open at 2.30 pm EST on January 26th, 2012.

EDIT: Because of overwhelming enthusiastic responses, this conversation open for few more days. Sandra will be checking your comments from time to time and follow up with them. Thank you for participating!


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    Jan 26 2012: A literary mode was used in post-colonial Latin America for translating the interposition of super normal realities with there intended metaphorical equivalents as they happen in normal reality.
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      Jan 26 2012: magical realism? As in Gabriel Garcia Marquez? Great stuff, but you wouldn't want him writing your gas bill.
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        Jan 26 2012: Yes, as in real guidelines applied to a commodity rich speech community. A buffer of creatable intelligence. Something to go with when you got somewhere to go.

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