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What are the top three most influencial lies in history?

Before you read the linked article share, ever so briefly, your top 3 choices for lies which have had the greatest impact.



Closing Statement from edward long

The results:
Advertising beginning with, “Studies have shown. . . “
All Muslims are from the Middle East and speak Arabic.
American Treaties written before 1869.
Avoidance of nuclear destruction by nuclear deterrent.
Check is in the mail.
December 25th birth of Jesus + Santa Claus hoax.
Everybody is the same.
Everything is relative.
God/Religion: (7).
Gave Man dominion over the Earth.
Heaven and Hell
Pope as vicar of Christ
Authorized European colonialism.
I talk to Him and here’s what He wants you to do.
“In God We Trust”
Government knows best how to spend your money.
Hitler/Chamberlain Appeasement Talk.
Manifest Destiny.
Mao’s Great Leap Forward.
Money makes you happy
“No, those pants don’t make you look fat.”
Population control does not exist.
Self deception; “I know this to be true.”
The end justifies the means.
The Great Man Theory (we need a superior man to guide us through difficult times).
The Invisible Hand.
Women are inferior to men (2).
WMD in Iraq (2)
“You are inferior” propaganda
“You are so strong and clever.”
I guess technically the "winner" is God/ religion with seven nominations. Hey, maybe that's the most influential lie, that religion is bogus! Thanks for contributing everyone, and don't be influenced by lies!

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    Jan 29 2012: Great topic, Edward! At the risk of being too general, here are my three nominations:
    (1) Infallibility
    (2) Utopianism
    (3) Entitlement
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      Jan 29 2012: Thanks Tony. You are the first to mention each one of those.

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