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Has written communication coupled w/technology {email, texting} caused a decline in verbal skills? Is the art of conversation endangered?

When was the last time you engaged in a lively, first person, conversation? Do you miss the give and take of impromptu conversation - or perhaps, have you come to prefer texting over talking? What does this say about our ability to think on our feet, engage one another on a purely human - no digital surrogates in place - level? Do the devices we use to communicate replicate accurately our voice, or is meaning and tone somewhat sacrificed to convenience?


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  • Feb 1 2012: I often find that the technology which promised to streamline life - has actually complicated it - and think this is true regarding verbal conversation vs digital communica~
    I often ponder too long meaning when using email - and in regard to facebook, texting, etc - I believe tone can be so lost, so too is the emotion or meaning when engaging in exchange in these formats. BUT - these modes of exchange are here to stay it would seem. So the benefits I've experienced personally are worth mentioning.
    Twitter gave me practice in the art of brevity. I think it's an invaluable skill - especially for students - to learn to use 140 characters as powerfully as possible. My overall writing is better. I get quite a lot of practice and though some communication is slower than if I were talking on the phone - often, I feel I'm able to wrangle many thoughts into better flowing and constructed thoughts.
    Perhaps we are still learning how to most effectively use these mediums? With so many channels to communicate now, there is a rich source of opinion available to tap for discussion on most any subject.
    I wonder tho - has anyone become "phobic" so to speak about actually talking on the phone? That IS something I like to do less and less... but I'm always glad when connect to others, it just feels as though it isn't either convenient, or productive most often. Thoughts?

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