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How much "mystery crime"books affects the mind of an individual?

Many people have commited crimes and killed people imitating whats on a book or a movie. Those things where suppose to be fiction, but now it became reality.
I dont understand how the people who makes this kind of "crime" books get their ideas. For example, many of the books of Edgar Allan Poe are mostly details of how the character of the story kills someone, therefore in a real life someone who hates another person and read a book might want to try some of Poe's ideas, because most of the time we dont think whats right or whats wrong when we are angry. Why are this kind of books so famous if they are full of sick, insane ideas? I know the art of writing doesnt have to be always a happy story, but i just think some books shouldnt be concidered "good books" because they just show that its "normal" to do bad things. and that its fine to be against another human life.

  • Jan 27 2012: To just comment on the part of Poe to begin with, Poe did not write those stories for the people, he wrote them because writing was his passion. It doesn't matter if a book has good or bad morals, it can still be a good book. Books arn't always judged on content but in the way they are written. Also it mustt be remembered that books are just tools, they can be used for good or bad, its up to the wielder to decide. I think you are confusing the definition of a good book, people don't think books are good just because it shows that doing bad things is "normal". In reality that is hardly ever the case. Once again, Books are tools, inanimate objects. After a book had been published the writers influence on the book ceases, it is up to the reader to interpret it and do with it what they will.
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      Jan 27 2012: Right! But those animate objects have information that can affects others. Is like having a book with a list on how to kill your friend. For example Barry dale loukaitis killed his algebra teacher and two students, at the end he said "this sure beats algebra?doesn't it?" that was a quote from Stephen king novel Rage .. i respect your point of view but mine is different.
      • Feb 6 2012: I understand where you are coming from, but how is it the writers fault for the twisted thoughts and actions of an individual who is already obviously has mental issues. Like the killer of John Lennon, is it the writers fault that in some way his book "told" someone to kill him? Also, a lot of those ideas could most likely be found in history, if not most often a combination of wonderful imagination and depression comes up with the ideas, or some like myself who are more inclined to contemplate the morbid and cynical side of life and society.