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What percentage is the value of a TED/TEDx attendee vs. a speaker at a TED/TEDx conference?

For people that have been to a TED/TEDx conference, I'm curious to see what your thoughts are on the value of the attendee vs. the speakers.

Do you think a TED/TEDx conferences value is 90% of the speakers and 10% of the attendees? Or the other way around? Or in between?

Share your thoughts!

(and the world "value" is very subjective, feel free to think "magic, "energy" or whatever definition that makes the event so special)

  • Jan 25 2012: I saw a much smaller one today there was 350 people for 8 speakers. Every minute was well worth it. I don't know where it will take me but I have been insired to try new things and grow and help myself and others to be better leaders. If I could afford it and have the time I would really like to attend one of these larger events.