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The Culture of Want; the Now generation

It is becoming more and more clear that my generation, the generation that is starting to graduate from high school and enter this world, has become a generation based on instant gratification. Although that is nice, I think that it devalues many, otherwise very valuable, products and experiences. My friend has an iPhone but just as soon as the newest version of the phone was released, he was quick to toss aside the magical machine that he had once been in awe of. Like my friend, many people don't have enough time to discover the endless array of innovative apps that are available for download.


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    Feb 8 2012: I'm sorry to say this, but your friend's case is not singluar...He's just one of the many who contribute to the Western capitalist waste trend. It's not your generation's fault it is that way, you are not the trendsetters, you are merely the ones who follow it, most of your lives unknowingly. You have been raised that way, accustomed to having everything you need and then some.

    As I said, the game was set long before your generation was born, the Western economies were already consumption-oriented and you are now realising this led to changes in society as well. Your generation's behavoiur is just the result of the society you have been educated in. Things will not change soon enough because old habits die hard.

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