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The Culture of Want; the Now generation

It is becoming more and more clear that my generation, the generation that is starting to graduate from high school and enter this world, has become a generation based on instant gratification. Although that is nice, I think that it devalues many, otherwise very valuable, products and experiences. My friend has an iPhone but just as soon as the newest version of the phone was released, he was quick to toss aside the magical machine that he had once been in awe of. Like my friend, many people don't have enough time to discover the endless array of innovative apps that are available for download.


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  • Jan 29 2012: "you can have what you want now" culture is part of the last 15 years. People had got used to getting what they want (not what they need) in an instant due :
    Fast loans (we now see the financial crisis an down turn...)
    Microwave lifestyle of save time, heat& gratify in 30secs (eat cheap repeatable /chemical loaded junk),
    Parents working long hours, and kids being brought up in a culture of have it now (food, gadgets, clothes, anything)
    Tv shows, marketing it all had this influence...
    Th current generation (teenager/ young adults) will find it very challenging in the new economic downturn...
    There is no right or wrong answer to any of this, a hundred years back London/England was known for gin drinkers even babies... People were hooked, times changed, people changed...
    We can not hide from the rate at which technology is changing and affecting our lives and thinking..
    Anyone blocking out this change and not going through the learning/ adapting process will be at disadvantage.

    We just need to ride through this current fad and see what the new economy and what the current generation brings forth in next 10 years..

    Evolution, survival of the smartest and fittest , is for those who maintain their sanity and hope through all the evolving changes..

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