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Construction Manual for a Life-sustaining House & Financing Plan

Imagine we would have made contact with a higher species, which is way more advanced in technology than our own and they would give us a construction manual for a life-sustaining house that we could build anywhere in the world for a minimal cost and minimal effort.

Unfortunately we haven’t got such a manual in our hands yet. This construction manual of a life-sustaining house & financing plan is the attempt of students, to research our most advanced technologies and to bring them together in a construction manual to build a life-sustaining house that is affordable and which can be reproduced anywhere in the world.

What would be required of such a life-sustaining house?

It should endlessly produce more green energy than it consumes, have an automated heating system, it should generate its own water and food supply, it should recycle its own waste in the cradle to cradle way and it should be able to be financed.

Building something partly from taxes, that reduces taxes in the future for it is a lasting solution.


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    Jan 25 2012: Definitely a worthwhile idea, but I think plans like this already exist:

    (Please note that I haven't read into these sources too much and I don't know whether they're feasible, they're just to point you in a direction where you can get inspiration)
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      Jan 25 2012: Very nice inspirations, they will be influential, in order to make it a working solution, something one wants to invest in, the house needs to be able to provide for more people, so collecting all these ideas, bringing them together and creating that construction manual for a life-sustaining house for around 50 people.
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        Jan 27 2012: Hey guys,

        It's good to see so many (Dutch) folks who are interested in this topic. I know a lot of people who are working on sort like projects. To be honest, I've been dreaming of such a house for some years now.

        This is my personal favorite eco-house building construction:

        It's not that difficult to create your own energy. Storing electricity can be hard enough though, since batteries are not that 'green' and the (in my humble opinion) best solution isn't really there yet on a great enough scale for you and me, hydrogen. Luckily there are better alternatives for most other energy resources (water, wamth, light, etc.).

        I also believe in going back to smaller scale solutions and thereby reversing 'globalization'. Check out permaculture and what this could do for you.

        The solutions are mostly here, we just need to be able to combine and utilize them in a way so that they can be financed, and will be sustainable for the long term at the same time.

        Another thing is the ground you will need for this project. How many square meters will you need, or will you be building higher up?
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          Feb 3 2012: Thank you very much for your feedback, the eco-dome looks great, but it also requires a lot of space, I was thinking about a construction manual, that implies tricks and ideas, which can be applied also in very dense populated cities.

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