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Why do we need violence to transfer power?

Revolutions are some very effective types of mass manipulation through which power changes and shifts. Why do we, humas, hold on to our positions or ideas even if we know we are wrong?


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    Feb 10 2012: Rhona,

    I believe domination is inherant to power use, so it's not a question of gender. Violence is more about the lack of faith in ourselves. Imagine the number of people living in a country compared to the number of military or police all put together. How come, so little control and submit so many? That's the essential question.

    About women domination, you have a clear exemple in northern europ countries, we can all see that they are ruling pretty much like men, but on certain subject they are more flexible and more compassionate. That is what makes a difference: "Compassion".

    In our society, we've been teaching so many things, but upto now, in our schools, we have no room for compassion; we are living that subject to the individual seek, which is an error. Pay attention to kids coming from loving family, they are more bound to transmit love than kids coming from violent family. Not that this is absolute, as many throughout life find their way of getting out of the egoistic cloud and straighten their path. But in general, giving love brings more love around.

    Violence is a way of solving matters when there is no more compassion in the basket of action. If we educate our children to be compassionate and less judgemental with differencies, we will be having a way better world in the next two generation.

    I have organised a weekly program for my kids to teach them compassion and discuss it. They are calling for it every sunday afternoon and they have invited a friend of them to join the group; they are only 10 and 8 years old.
    My point is that compassion can be taught, it's not created in us, but as we are all loving people at the base, we need to exercise our children to show and express it.

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