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Why do we need violence to transfer power?

Revolutions are some very effective types of mass manipulation through which power changes and shifts. Why do we, humas, hold on to our positions or ideas even if we know we are wrong?


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  • Feb 10 2012: we dont need violence to transfer power... we just need to stop giving it away all the time.. if youve ever been in a realtionshipw here there is a power struggle.... you fight when you feel weak usually you are angry because you gave some power away and then someone took advantage... say you gave up going out with friends to meet your lover but then they meet theri friends and decide to change their plans ..you get mad and you fight and there is power struggle because you have given someone power and they have abused it..so you fight to win back that power..it doesn work usually he will be defensive after all he si only looking out for his own interests ...whats wrong with that... nothing so long as i do the same. so i think the macro reflects the micro in a lot of ways... we are told to do what is accepted we do it but we have different desires and we get frustrated and they build up and we then blow up at the restricting forces and demand change... but we could just as easily assert ourselves consitently and individually...part of the reflected process is that we all fear to assert ourselves alone..we dont think our voice will be heard if we speak out alone ...even among those who propose leaving these restricted social paradigms behind they bring with them the fear of individualism... and take on a reflection of the powerfull one and fight it...and really the powerfull system we see as so established is only a lot of people ordinary humans...like you and me... and

    theres also this thing in jung..about the shadow ..so you have a psotive self image or ego part and you say this is me i believe this...you also at the same time create a shadow part...which you usually ascribe to your enemy..so you say i am a good vagan they are a bad meateater... rather than understanding the meateater within yourself you disidentify with it...so we disidentify with our enemies rather than see that theyre faults are our faults our strengths are therye strengths...

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