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Why do we need violence to transfer power?

Revolutions are some very effective types of mass manipulation through which power changes and shifts. Why do we, humas, hold on to our positions or ideas even if we know we are wrong?


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  • Feb 3 2012: To say that violence has simply to do with men running the show is ridiculous and that in itself is a radical feminist point of view. Women are capable of as much and at times even more violence than men, it's all relative. Now when you are speaking of Power, the word suggests one force that dominates another, therefore for such a thing to take place, the weaker force must bow to the stronger force, if it doesnt, the stronger force will use any means necessary to surpress it. Violence will always take place in human nature, it has nothing to do with being male or female and anyone who says otherwise is living completely blind in their own little reality.
    Check the prison system Rhona...the crimes comitted by women at times are the most sadistic brutal crimes, involving their own defensless children! I get you're feeling upset with the male population, you must have your reasons, but to generalise like that will get you no where.

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