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Why do we need violence to transfer power?

Revolutions are some very effective types of mass manipulation through which power changes and shifts. Why do we, humas, hold on to our positions or ideas even if we know we are wrong?


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  • Jan 25 2012: We do not. As long as male domination persists, there will be the noise of violence making people wretched. THE WOMEN'S REVOLUTION IS THE LAST REVOLUTION THAT THE WORLD WILL EVER NEED. As soon as MALES=FEMALES throughout all parts of society, the violence will end.
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      Jan 26 2012: You might want to study the history of female leaders. They have been just as bloodthirsty as the males.
      • Jan 26 2012: Margaret Thatcher said she abandoned her womanhood when she entered politics. Female leaders have had to operate within male-designed and male-dominated systems. In order to get anywhere at all, they needed to act like men. Now is the time to change that, if we want a healthy, prosperous, happy, successful, society for all males and females. Let's equalize the power between males and females and just watch and enjoy the wonderful results. Seems worth a try.
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          Jan 27 2012: Thanks. I get it now. When men do something it's the men's fault. When women do something it's the men's fault. That's at least an easy rule to remember.
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          Jan 29 2012: Rhona, I get it. Testosterone-driven individuals have used brute force gleefully and have been praised as heros throughout most of human history. There is a female element (and I mean the kind of female element in us all--just as there is good and evil within us all) that needs to be openly used and applied with our heroic imagination. Our humanity will not evolve to a better condition with "alpha male" mentality. Any image of struggle reduced to "us" versus "them" is missing the point: We either work together for the betterment of humanity or we all suffer in the end. Margaret did what she thought she had to do in order to operate as an equal among men in a certain style of political men's club.
        • Feb 2 2012: I would go a step further. Given that men have been largely in charge for the past few millennia, we should put women in complete charge for a similar length of time.

          There is no possible way that they could cock it up as bad as men have. What's the worst that could happen. Russia will make a cutting comment about America and then America won't talk to Russia for a full week?
      • Jan 28 2012: Paul, Do you want to pretend that there are no problems related to male domination and male design of societal insitutions and the subordination of women?
        • Feb 10 2012: my dear boy you underestimate us...we are extremely powerful creatures and form extreme alliances and networks and can use our power to equal destructive use as men..in fact men employ many feminine powers to acheive their aims of evil so ithink just as that elven lady said to frodo do not tempt me instead of a dark lord you should have a terrible qween and all would bow benteath me..the thing is to destroy the ring of power..the circle of power the circle of power and weakness by burning it in the fire from whence it come the fire of knowledge perhpas..self knowledge?... and it is mostly the humble {more so than weak} who take the job of frodo and attempt to drag it through to the firre..as thos who would reballance power rather than relinquish it and in doing so relinquish weakness will inevitably be corrupted by it. so to each invividual comes the enormous taks to let go of power and weakness and the cycle of painand suffereing that comes from it...and that apraoch is non violence but also non weakness standong ones ground however small...
        • Feb 15 2012: i think that both sexes have been repressed in many ways and that if you cling to the idea that women are repressed and men arent then your not seeing the whole picture... the whole of society has been built on power and violence its how we got where we are today and perhaps nessisarily so but its certainly where we are moving away from now and towards the future to a more equitable society for all men women children how about letting children go into power they are very sweet .... and will cut through any economically complex problem tot he heart of the matter ....they wont uphold anything overcomplicated because they wont understand iit and they will just see children dying in africa and say lets give them money and food and water.... great! there are certainly problems related to domination..but it is domination which is the key not whos dominating who... for instance there is a market amount of jews in banking should we say there must be less jews in power in banking becuase it in not equal or should we say that banking should become more compassionate as a whole and work towards a better system regardless of who or what race or what gender runs that system.? the subordination of women has in the past also benifited women and just as the system of domination gives out tokens it has given men token powers but these are just tricks andbadges men do not have real power they have been given th eillusionof power that they might better be kept quiet just as a man might give some money to his wife to stop her complaining baout the real issues so man is given totems of power because they like power its as shiney to them as a pair of jimmy choos to us and we are given nice things to buy and they are given nice jobs where they can feel powerfull while conforming to the system quietly... mans power is hush money... so ithink you need to see through what youve been taught about men and really question its validity in an equal society...
      • Feb 3 2012: Jeffrey, I think society would be just as dysfunctional and perverse, if women dominated. The only solution to the world's problems is equality between men and women. It is the complementarity, the balance in perspective and approach that our world needs. Let's give that a try. Glad to see you are not afraid of women being in power, though. Wish all men could see how safe and happy they will be as soon as women and men sit equally in all places of power. Happy Today.
        • Feb 9 2012: Rhona - My tongue was firmly in cheek in my previous comment.

          I agree that equality is the key to harmony. The best advice I ever received was on my wedding day "Just smile and agree and you'll be happy. If you are determined to have your say then become content with being unhappy." It's worked well for me for 20 years.

          Misogyny never made sense to me. The philosophy of cutting out half of the energy, spirit and innovation of the human race seems like bad management.

        • Feb 10 2012: you cannot sit in power and create equality equality and power do not mix. if one creates power one also creates its opposite weakness and that is not equality equality may never be a realistic outcome but lets be sure of the ideal at least and not mistake equality for anything which can contain power or weakness... like untity which anhialiates opposites equality anhialates inequality and power supoorts teh cycle of inequality and helps it to turn the wheel has turned to favour sometimes this and sometimes that sometimes one is winning sometimes losing but in an equal and unified state {which im not convinced can exist but still its an ideal worth trying for} there are no winners and losers. but just as there will always be difference among men and women perhaps there will always be winners and losers oppressors and oppressed violateor and victim perhpas this is the duality inherent in our existence... but i hope something close to equality can be acheived by integrating as much as we can just as men and women can come to know themselves more wholely by accepting their male facets if a woman and vice versa... such people are very attractive because they can connect with men and women in a different way than anyone stuck in their stereotype and rejecting theri own male attributes or subverting their feminine... so if people cna integrate male and female within themselves perhaps it spossible to integrate power and weakness within and maybe also without on a social level.
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      Jan 28 2012: Really? I don't think so. Women fight so much dirtier than men. When men fight there are rules. When women fight there is no quarter... no survivors,,, no prisoners. Oh sorry maybe I mean when I fight...
      • Jan 28 2012: Linda, Glad you acknowledge that you are speaking about yourself.
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          Jan 28 2012: Rhona I wish I was. Just watch young women. They are viscous. You can see it on the media, youtube, Facebook. Unfortunately I truly believe this. i've seen it in person.
      • Jan 29 2012: Linda, perhaps what you are seeing is the absence of parenting or good parenting. And then there is "bullying." People are born with the desire to love and be loved. The negativity you speak of is the result of negative experiences such as brutality or deprivation of love and respect. I would not take those perversions as norms. You insult the vast majority of females when you do that.
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          Jan 29 2012: Perhaps in your pollyanna world. This is the last time I try and state a truth and deflect the harshness. Don't try and tell me I insult women. This is prime example of lateral violence and I refuse to participate.
      • Jan 31 2012: Linda, I wonder what makes you think your experience with women is more real or authentic than my experiences. Where you and I disagree, I will just assume that I am right and you are wrong. I guess you can understand that.
        • Feb 2 2012: Rhona, you talk about "equality" - but what is it exactly, other than a very enticing fiction? It seems to me, however regrettably, that males cannot "=" females.
        • Feb 2 2012: Rhona, you say " THE WOMEN'S REVOLUTION IS THE LAST REVOLUTION THAT THE WORLD WILL EVER NEED. As soon as MALES=FEMALES throughout all parts of society, the violence will end." also " In order to get anywhere at all, they needed to act like men. Now is the time to change that" I am aware this is not a complete quote but I want to point out your position seems to be, Women would make better leaders than men. This is a hypocrisy, this is just a flip of positions, not equality. Men and women can also not be equal, because we are not the same. We can all be treated equal, yes, but we cannot BECOME equal. It would not matter, male or female, black or white, christian or muslim. Human nature and basic needs and thought processes are the same. We are all human, there are good and bad, gental and vicious, etc etc. in all catagories, you are far over generalizing, thus getting away from the actual issue to suit your agenda, or so it seems. equality between males and females will not make peace. Understanding and acceptance among all people will be as much peace as we can hope for in humanity. There will never be an absolute peace. Nature, by its nature is violent, like all animals we will eventually have to fight to survive. Violence is a part of life, we can minimalize but not completely get rid of it.
      • Feb 2 2012: Will Hawthorn, I disagree with you. Males are different than females. We have all noticed that. Females are equal to males. I wonder why males are so afraid to acknowledge their equality to women. Perhaps you can explain this very deep-rooted fear.
        • Feb 3 2012: Rhona, can you please qualify the statement "females are equal to males" so I can understand your argument thus constructively participate.
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          Feb 10 2012: Rhona,

          They say for a woman to be considered as good as a man, she needs to be twice as smart, work twice as hard, and have better social skills.

          Fortunately, that is easy to do.


          You do seem to reduce all conflict to the male domination of women. While I agree women are not treated equally, even in relatively egalitarian cultures, let alone Islamic and more patriarchal societies, I do not think our problems can be traced solely to this one issue.

          Our problems are very likely symptoms of our collective human condition, not simply a consequence of men's "maleness."

          And, as an aside, some of the most violent people I have ever interacted with have been women.
      • Feb 3 2012: Will,


        If you have trouble grasping the concept, I think that is the problem. Perhaps, if you meditate on it for a while, it will come to you that, indeed, MEN=WOMEN and, therefore, women should not be subordinated to men and men should not have superior power to women.
        • Feb 9 2012: Dear Rhona
          I am a wooman and I disagree with you about male equality to female and vice versa. I read most of your comments here and it seems to me that you are confused about your own believe.

          As I understood your idea is that both males n females should have an equal “power” in decision-making, regardless of the sphere where those decisions should be made or implemented as well as that they also should be treated equally when executing these decisions. I totally agree with that, however it doesn’t make females = males in any other way.

          Whether male’s methods are more violent than female’s – I personally believe that it all down to competition, which is in a human nature, regardless of our sex. We are all want to be better, cleverer, more successful, wealthier etc. etc.
      • Feb 9 2012: Linda - I can tell you for a fact that there are plenty of men who don't fight to prove a point, show their honor, or even win the fight fair and square. I used to be on a SWAT team and I've worked with SAS, marines, etc.

        And any fight is about walking away alive. There are some men who are much more vicious than any female I have ever met. Sure, one can always find the exceptions to the rule, but when you are taking the genders as statistical classes, I would be much more likely to turn my back on a woman than a man.

        Having said that we are all humans and that means we all have good points and not so good points in all of us.
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          Feb 10 2012: Jeffrey. I think you might be right about men being physically more viscous. They tend to like things that blow up and sharp objects. Women are just as viscous but we do not have the physical prowess. We engage in what is know as lateral or horizontal violence. In that we are at least as viscous as men. For instance, go ahead and walk away, but I can still get your career, if not that I can tie you up in court for years. That's just a small illustration of what I am talking about.

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