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Why do we need violence to transfer power?

Revolutions are some very effective types of mass manipulation through which power changes and shifts. Why do we, humas, hold on to our positions or ideas even if we know we are wrong?


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  • Jan 25 2012: As in the George Orwell book "Animal Farm", the concept of "all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others" will always prevail in the evolution of mankind (cultures, societies etc). certain people will always rise to the top of the food chain (programming through their upbringing and values). Such people will enjoy their power position, and will get into conflict when interacting with other people in similar powerful positions. When such powerful people collide, and get into conflict over matters (energy, food, water resources etc); then each person will hold their ground whether right or wrong to get what they need in order to maintain their own position of superiority, credibility, and integrity within their own organisational hierarchy.
    Highly powerful people are usually running high on tostesterone, and truly believe in their own ideals. If such people are apposed in their mission, such people can easily resort to violence to realise their goals. You see lighter/ smaller scale examples of this sort of behaviour amongst highly driven/ tostesterone fuelled sportsmen resorting to blows over a football game.
    When the stake are bigger/ gains higher and teams bigger; this is when armies or gangs rise up to delivering the leaders demands...
    Even through evolution and becoming civilised, the easy option for most people in powerful positions to get what they want is to resort to violence squash any opposition and take what they need.

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